Leadership Consulting and Coaching


The why of 4C’s Leadership: To champion courageous, curious, compassionate conversation so that people connect wholeheartedly.

This has evolved from my own journey of personal development, 30+ years experience of management, leadership, supervising & training in the workplace, plus extensive study and learning about what makes great leaders for the 2020’s.

As a coach I help people, through questioning and listening, become or achieve something new - change - and coaching will guide and support this process.

I am also very aware that progressive leaders are tuned in to and embracing cultural changes in the way they lead and how this is spread through the organisations they lead.

It is very clear from the research that a cultural shift to trust and belonging in the work environment where people engage with each other wholeheartedly will deliver improved productivity, innovation, talent retention, attendance and general wellbeing - for both the leader and those they lead.

If you’d like to chat about opportunities to introduce or optimise this in your place of work, be that in business, industry, healthcare, sport, non profit or religious organisations, please get in touch.

How to develop a culture of trust and belonging at the heart of your organisation.

This is a flexible multi channel change programme delivered over several months. The purpose of the programme is to transform the culture within an organisation to embrace the values of trust and belonging. 

The modular programme includes:

  • Two Day Leadership Team Symposium

    • Presentations and Team Workshops

    • Developing Implementation Plans and Team

  • One to One Coaching for Key Stakeholders

  • Monthly Half Day Implementation Team Reviews

  • One Day Handover Meeting and Programme Launch

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